I guess an other reason they can’t get welfare besides the fact THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE PAID BUT HAVENT GOTTEN JACK SHIT is the fact I’m living with them and have a savings account with more than $200. Haha whoops.

Just kinda sitting here while she’s lamenting over how she called the welfare office and how they treated her awful and undeserving of assistance and how difficult it is to get back out of welfare once you’re in because of their ridiculous stipulations. Funny, I seem to recall her saying how undeserving welfare recipients were months ago. Go figure! Of course once they’re out of this mess it’ll be like nothing ever happened and “those damn welfare queens milking the system”. No fucking self awareness whatsoever.

Ok this blog I follow that posts neat retro stuff has been posting a barrage of porn the past week untagged and it’s making it REALLY hard to check my dash in public
Normally I’d just scroll past it quick but oh wait there’s more the next few posts down